Nowadays everyone is used to being tracked by a network of surveillance camera's in most city centres. But not everyone’s feeling comfortable about it.

This handy tool now easily enables you to reconquer your personal anonymity.

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Do you also feel you are being watched constantly?

Camera surveillance is meant to reinforce the feeling of security but in fact makes many people feel like being suspect in advance. Through a comprehensive network you are followed closely and almost literally leave an indelible trage

Are you done with it too?

Decide about your own visibility

Guilty or not, this is the practical tool you can temporarily switch off the cameras with one by one.

Reclaim your personal privacy now!

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The Spray-A-Way earns itself back in a flash, for a unique handmade piece you only pay €150,-.

This includes one refillable reservoir containing 400ml of black paint in a spray can.

For extra protection the model with built-in one-sided transparent screen is available at an additional cost of €50,-.

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